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Personal Training to Let You... Be Yourself


Personal Training For You

True You Fitness is a virtual personal training service that focuses on working with you where you are, in all aspects of life.  You are your best tool, and we want to show you how to work with what you've been gifted.


We believe that everyone should have access to the proper fitness tools to help them become the best version of themselves.  We also believe that quality fitness training should be affordable.  We understand that not everyone is comfortable going to a big gym. 


We have a passion for motivating, coaching, and accountability.  Our passion is to work with you toward your goals in a zero pressure, non-intimidating setting.  We focus on corrective exercise, which means that you will be taught the correct body mechanics to work toward your goals and we will alter techniques to correct bad habits that have already formed. 


While we work with all ages, genders, and fitness levels, our areas of specialty are clients who:

- Have large weight loss goals;

- Are new or returning to fitness;

- Are seniors looking to improve balance and strength;

- Are looking to improve form and mobility.


Whether you exercise everyday or this is your first time taking a step toward your fitness goal, we want to be your next workout partner.

Our Mission


Young Man doing Physical Exercise


Are you the person who has been working out forever, but may not be seeing the results you've been hoping for?  

If you have been experiencing fitness related pain such as sprains, strains, and extreme muscle fatigue, corrective exercise is for you.  We help find your imbalances, and train your body to be used correctly.  By utilizing and building upon a body movement assessment, we are able to tailor your personal training to get your body back into its specific balance.

Did you know that postures that we assume during the day (desk work, standing all day, text-neck,etc.) play a huge role in our posture in all other aspects of our life.  Strength training is no different.  Let us show you how to fight the effects of your daily postures!

Our Specialties


Have fitness goals and not sure where to start?  Let us help guide you on your journey.  We will introduce you to fitness basics, correct body mechanics, strength and cardio conditioning, and much more.

We know that going to a big gym can sometimes be intimidating.  Our studio provides a no-pressure, comfortable atmosphere that encourages you to become the best version of you.


Whether it's 10lbs or 100lbs+, we are here to coach you, support you, and encourage you.  We will be with you every step of the way, providing fitness plans that will be perfected at the studio, and held accountable at home.

We know that sometimes motivation means tough-love coaching, and sometimes it means a softer voice of reason to help you dig deeper.  Whatever your encouragement language... we speak it.



We love getting creative and believe that fitness shouldn't be held back due to physical barriers.  Have a bad knee, low back pain, a bum hip, or grip strength issues?  We are here to help design and implement a fitness program for you!  Life doesn't stop because we've been given a barrier.  We find a way to overcome it!

The inspiration behind True You Fitness was seeing our friends and family over the years be told they shouldn't exercise, or feel that they can't exercise due to a physical limitation or pain.  It is our mission to help you with your wellness goals, even if that means finding new ways to achieve them!


As we age, we naturally loose muscle tone and bone density.  Balance can be a big challenge as well.  Let us help guide you though strength, conditioning, and balance routines, designed with you and your lifestyle in mind!

Working with special populations is truly our pleasure.  Let us help you stay strong and active in your best years!  When you stay active, you experience less age-related discomfort, which leads to more enjoyable life.

What's Incuded?
About Jessi


Movement Assessment and Consultation

(required before programming begins,

and once again every 3 months): $60

Monthly Programming

Billed quarterly


Nutrition Coaching



- Individual movement assessments that will help set and tailor your monthly projected goals

- Personalized monthly workouts programmed in the easy to use NASM Edge app

- Once a week check-ins outside of your training session, to promote accountability

- Direct access to your trainer when you have questions



Jessi Wallington attended Michigan State University where she obtained her BS in Animal Science.  She participated in club crew, and fell in love with rowing.  She also was on the MSU Equestrian Team.  Jessi also spent a semester abroad in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, where she had the opportunity to focus on further developing her riding skills. 


Jessi is a state licensed and nationally board-certified Sports and Clinical Massage Therapist (NCBTMB), and is proud to be a participant in the United States Olympic Committee's Sports Medicine Volunteer Program.  She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).  Her continuing education courses have led her to become certified in myofascial cupping, gua sha, kinesiotaping, and equine massage.  Locally, Jessi has also taught an Anatomy for Athletes course and help guide other local businesses in their development. 

Jessi teaches with infectious enthusiasm and passion, and encourages everyone to make themselves their own goal.  She understands the struggle that fitness can sometimes presents, and that motivates her to help others.  


"There is nothing more satisfying that proving to yourself that you can do it!"


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